As you are probably well aware by this stage, this site is dedicated to Hey Arnold! and other parafinalia (stuff). Mainly, though ... it is dedicated soley to Helga Pataki ... as you probably noticed!!

Why do I like Helga Pataki? Well, I watch a cartoon ANIMATION series (even though a 23 year old shouldn't!) on TV, and if I like the way the animation and montaging is put together, I start looking deeper into the program. Then, I pick one particular character (usually the female type) and I pay more attention them.

In the case of Helga Pataki, it started out with her voice (as played by Francesca Marie Smith). I liked her voice because it reminded me of the attitude of my second-to-last girlfriend, who I must admit was like, if not worse, than Helga. At the time, I didn't like the way she was drawn, she looked weird. Then I started noticing why. SHE'S ONLY GOT ONE EYEBROW!!

Then, as I got more involved with paying attention to her attitude, I started to "fall in love" (not in the literal sense) with the way she was drawn too. And so, this site was born!

Am I besotted with Helga? No, I can't say I would want her as a girlfriend (or a girlfriend that acts like her) because, I've already been there and done that one! But, I have to say Helga IS one of my favorite characters and I am a "True Believer in One Girl For Arnold". I think the writers (Craig Bartlett, if you're listening?) SHOULD get Helga and Arnold together. They are totally opposite from each other (but then again, life's not meant to be perfect).

Please enjoy the rest of this site and if you have any pictures or sounds that you would like added to the archives, or even some general comments and suggestions, please email them to me at the link on the bottom of this page. =]].

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